(DK) Se dig omkring på Severin

We have made a short video and a photo gallery, so you can get an idea of who we are and see our beautiful settings for a course or conference, party or an overnight stay. Welcome inside!

Information about Severin

Here you can see what we can offer you as our guest:
Prisniveau Middel
Afstand til station / lufthavn 3 km / 60 km
Antal værelser 76
Antal undervisningslokaler 14
Antal grupperum 15
Max. antal i lokale 200
Max. antal overnattende 140
The things which for me make Severin distinguish themselves from other conference centers are:
1. You are truly professional – and yet unformal at the same time. The college atmosphere/cooperative spirit also influences the way you act in your jobs and I appreciate that tremendously. You are not uniforms!
2. I cherish the very beautiful aesthetic way Severin is built and organized. This place suits me.
3. Whether we are many or few on the spot there is a quiet atmosphere, which I am very fond of. I think sometimes you are very busy – and suddenly something appears that you had not foreseen – yet everything happens with much peace and harmony. It’s great to experience and witness. Lisbeth Jacobsen, UCL