Severin – your conference center in the middle of Denmark

We guarantee a nice and relaxing atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and right at home. As an organizer, you are assured a seamless experience. You will have a permanent contact person who is always ready to provide the best possible service. Special needs before or during the course of an event are, thereby, granted quickly and flexibly.

There are a total of 14 classrooms accommodating between 15 and 200 participants, 15 group rooms and 76 rooms. Whether you’re planning a course, conference, a party or anything else, Severin can offer a tailor made quote for your next stay.

The whole place has been renovated in 2013. The enchanting view of the Little Belt Bridge is one of the reasons why customers keep coming back.

Do you want to pamper your guests or have a party?

Let us be your partner for an unforgettable celebration in casual settings with a beautiful view here on top of Middelfart!

We will help you organize all kinds of events. You decide whether you want to follow the whole planning phase regarding food, drinks, table settings etc., or whether you want to sit back and enjoy the fact that we’re doing it all for you.

With us, you can completely customize your party. We offer both served menu with 3 and 5 dishes or buffets. Severin can adapt everything in order to suit your temperament and your finances.

Are you arranging an annual meeting, course, lecture or conference with many participants?

As our guest we now offer a FREE service that can perform the tasks related to enrollments, when it comes to various events – large and small, in-house courses, meetings and assemblies.

With our software platform, you can control and manage the processes that are associated with:

  • Sending Invitations
  • Payment
  • Administration before and during the event
  • Follow-up event

Please contact us to learn more about what we can help you with before, during and after your next event!

Skønne naturomgivelser, dejlige lokaler og faciliteter, helt igennem udsøgt mad hvad end det er morgenmad, frokost eller middag og en helt exceptionel servicemindedhed fra al personale hos jer – reception, køkken, tjenere, nattevagt, teknikere, rengøring m.fl. – alt sammen udført med virkelig varme og smil på læben. A. Jacobsen, Attractor